Creating a PressKit for Moderation

16 October 2019

It's been nearly a year since Moderation first launched in the App Store, and as with most MVP launches, there was a lot of functionality and auxiliary work that I did not have time to do. One of those things, which I probably underestimated the value of, was a PressKit.

For launch, I did the common-sense activity of emailing lots of the press in the hope of getting some attention, and I didn't get a single bite. I'm sure the content of my email and subject line wasn't great, but the lack of a PressKit definitely didn't help. That's why I wanted to create one this fall, which I can start directing press to in advance of this upcoming January (always a big month for Apps in my category).

The main reason for creating a PressKit it to make it as easy as possible for the Press to write about your product.


I used a handful of websites as inspiration for the Moderation PressKit:

Design Decisions

The final version of the PressKit for Moderation can be found here and it may be useful to have it open as your read my design decisions:

The Elevator Pitch (or TLDR;)

The Elevator Pitch, or TLDR; is a critical part of the page. You want to convey the purpose and value of your app, in the most concise and engaging way possible. I found the process of writing this very rewarding, as it helped me focus on the purpose of Moderation. It helped me come up with the new tag line - A radically simple food diary, and a description that I plan to move to my App Store page when I do the next release.

Who created Moderation?

In my original version of this section I had a lot more detail, for example the fact I have a real jobby-job. I was trying to sell myself. Ultimately, this page is about the product and not me, so I settled on who I am, where I am from, how you can contact me, and mentioned the fact that I host a podcast in case the page catches the eye of a podcaster that may want to have me on their show.

Dark Mode Everything!

I originally had dark mode versions of my App Icon and other branding assets. It was partly inspired by the fact that I run my Mac in Dark Mode, so the page looked nicer with dark assets, but I got a little bit carried away. (I’ve included all these assets in the .zip file however).

I realised I needed to keep the content on the page as minimal as possible, otherwise it risks detracting from making it as easy as possible for the press to grab what they need. I also didn’t want to confuse people about what was the default colours for the brand, so for all branding assets, I only show the light versions.

Downloaders vs Copy/Pasters

I have a theory that you can split the Press audience into two groups; those who prefer to grab assets and text straight off the page, and others who would prefer to download it all locally. I imagine this split is influenced heavily by their workflow and what CMS they use.

For the downloaders, I’ve included a call to action to download the PressKit as a .zip both immediately after the Elevator Pitch and also at the bottom of the page. I didn’t want people to get to the bottom of the page, and be too lazy to scroll back and find the download button.

For the copy/pasters, I’ve included both raw screenshots and screenshots embedded in an iPhone chrome on the page. Deciding wether to include both versions of screenshots was a tough decision, as I can imagine scenarios where people would prefer either, so I decided to include both.

Other Tips

  • Use a website or service like TinyPNG to reduce the file size of your images
  • Have a public TestFlight link dedicated to this page so you can see how many people the page funnels into your beta, and you also know they are likely press
  • Provide some lifestyle images to help set the context of your App. They look really good, and I got mine from Mockup Photos for just $5
  • Highlight previous press coverage to convey authenticity and encourage the people viewing the page to want to feature you as well, as not to miss out (it helps if you have a big name here)

View the Moderation PressKit

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