Where Are All the Apple Stores?

11 February 2019

The folks over at ATP and also @manton and @danielpunkass of Core Intuition have been talking about their views and experiences with the Apple Store, in light of Angela Ahrendt's departure. They (and apparently everyone else) think that Apple should have more stores.

Apple obviously could open more stores. However, I think their own hubris is holding them back. They've famously had the highest dollar per square foot for any retail location, and this has allowed them to set up shop in the world's most sought after retail spaces.

In my local city of Cardiff, they are placed directly in the middle of St David's shopping centre. Short of repurposing Cardiff Castle, I couldn't think of a better spot. They want their stores to be shining beacons in the cities they are in. Having one on every corner takes away their allure. It doesn't allow them to be the architectural and interior design marvels that we've become accustomed to. They would become just like any other retail store.

I don't expect Apple to release a thicker iPhone with a focus on battery any time soon. I don't expect to see an influx in Apple Stores for much of the same reasoning.

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