It’s been an absolute embarrassment watching Brexit unfold. I’m a remainer, but seeing the mess that is our political system try and leave the EU is dumbfounding

So it looks like Apple is going to put their streaming service on other manufacturers devices, judging by the Samsung announcement. The “be everywhere” strategy is the right one for a streaming service. Based on this I am also expecting a cheaper Apple TV

As someone who has bought AAPL stock twice since November (while it’s been downsliding), do I double down on AAPL? 🤔

Would anybody listen to this? “A podcast exploring the start up woes of an independent iOS developer and the founder of a craft beer micro brewery, with occasional Apple talk”

Posting your first post to feels like starting a new chapter of your digital life, and you hope you don’t look back on the post with embaressment in the future 🙃